Driving Policy

Naftoserv recognizes the threat of injury to health as a result of preventable accident while driving or use company’s cars.
Naftoserv is committed to improve the safety of its employees and third parties with the ultimate goal of minimizing injuries due to vehicle transportation.
All employees and contractors of NaftoServ and visitors to NaftoServ premises are required to adhere to this policy when driving or operating with Company or contracted vehicles at all times as well as when driving or operating with their personal vehicle, either on the job or during routine journeys from home to work site and vice versa.
Furthermore, Naftoserv recognizes the continuing need for people to take personnel responsibility for their wellbeing at all times and, therefore, invites employees and third parties to adopt safe driving practices and to follow this policy also during out of job activities.
Our commitment
1. Provide Company owned or contracted vehicles, where applicable, with all legal documentation for use by employee/driver.
2. Ensure all Company owned and contracted vehicles are well maintained, in good running conditions, suitable for the purpose and equipped with all safety and emergency equipment/devices.
3. Record driving accidents and analyze them with a view to identifying causes and defining possible measures to avoid their reoccurrence.

In line with our Management effort, the following control measures have been identified and must be implemented, in agreement with local and international legal requirements.
• Driver must have a valid driving license for the vehicle to be driven.
• Driver must have a company training certificate for the vehicle to be driven.
• Driver must be in good health and physically able to perform the duties of driving.
• Driver must check weather forecast and be informed on traffic and road works along the route to travel and, eventually, rearrange the trip in case adverse conditions are expected.
• Driver and passengers must wear seat belts at all times during vehicle operation.
• Driver must abide the speed limits and the rules established by local regulations.
• Driver must maintain a safe distance from the vehicle in front to achieve complete stop safety.
• Driver must not use a hand held phone while driving.
• Driver must have a list of emergency contacts on board to be immediately activated in case of accidents or in emergency situations.
• Driving under influence of alcohol, drugs or other controlled substances is strictly prohibited.
• Driver should implement company journey management plan prior to any trip,
• Driver should have a special training from an approved and certified third party training company for forklift operations and must adhere to company driving policy,
• All company vehicles must equipped with Driving Monitoring devices and it should be downloaded regularly and disciplinary actions must be taken against any violation to our driving policy,

This policy will be enforced with documented management commitment and review, supported through supervision and complied with by all personnel.

Azmi Hawik , CEO NaftoServ