Stabilizer Services

Naftoserv comp, offers wide range of drill stabilizer services including redressing, build-up and grinding down.

Redress Service

Stabilizer build-up is achieved through welding bars into the blades of stabilizer. Naftoserv Stabilizer Service Shop is capable to build-up stabilizer up to 26”.

Grinding down Service

With highly precise grinding machine, we are able to provide stabilizer grinding down up to 24”.

Full Quality Control Procedures are maintained throughout the repairing process.

Hardfacing techniques have been developed to take full count on the chemical composition of the material and the repeated redressing without damage.

Temperature Control of the body during the pre-heat process and throughout the complete redressing procedure.

Repaired Stabilizers are:

  • 100% Body Gauged
  • 100% M.P.I. or Ultrasonic Inspected